Understanding Textured Surfaces

Why It Is Important to Understand Textured Flooring?

Simply put, a textured surface provides the safest walking condition, even when wet, for your customers and employees.

The Cross section of a smooth surface at the microscopic level = LOW TRACTION

Cross section of a textured surface at the microscopic level = HIGH TRACTION

Smooth surface when WET = EXTREMELY LOW TRACTION

Textured surface when WET = HIGH TRACTION

HOWEVER Industries reliance on the mop and chemicals as a primary cleaning procedure will not work with this new technology, unless controlled. Remember, mopping smears dirt and grease across the floor, so what effect will it have on a textured surface? A catastrophic one! This new textured surface starts off clean – HIGH TRACTION – then what happens? Mopping happens! Textured surfaces immediately begin to scrap dirt and grease from the mop actually leaving it on the floor. As the damage from mopping sets in, the floor will become much dirtier because texture by design provides more places to store dirt – LOSING TRACTION Without safe guards, such as effectively scrubbing the floor, continuous mopping will eventually level the textured surface creating an extremely dangerous condition especially when WET – LOST TRACTION

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