Top Ten Floor Care Issues Through My Experience

Top ten things I have learned over the past two decades in studying floor care.

1.Standard cleaning tools and procedures are ineffective and hard to use, creating opportunity to misuse, leading to breakdown.

2. For the most part, grout is not black! The more the floor is mopped, the dirtier it becomes. Whether using a string mop or a pad system, a smearing effect occurs creating a build up or leveling effect which leads to not only a dirty but sometimes dangerous floor condition.

3.Just putting water on a tile floor will destroy the original appearance with mineral deposits such as calcium. E.g, if the floor is mopped three times a day, water will be put on the floor over one thousand times a year! Most calcium damage, which is white in color, goes unseen because of the black residue or haze that has built up from ineffective cleaning procedures as seen in the photo below.


My floors look better dirty than clean

Calcium Damage

4. Safety flooring with textured surfaces compound the problem of mop damage because the textured surface creates the condition that makes the mop an ineffective tool to maintain a clean, safe floor condition.

5.Whatever is in the mop bucket is what is being put on the floor. Most procedures require the floor be rinsed with fresh water but even then, half way through the process contaminated solution is going back down onto the floor.

6. Used mop water is a window into floor condition • Dirty mop water = dirty floor • Relatively clean mop water = procedures are working.

6.The only way to maintain a clean, safe floor condition is to effective scrub it on a regular basis.

7. A safe floor that has become unsafe because of dirt and grease buildup can be effectively cleaned and returned to safe, but, an unsafe floor that is dirty will still be an unsafe regardless of cleanliness.

8. Regardless of the product or procedure, proper instruction is critical to success. In fact, the simpler something is, the more important the training. Never assume!

9. Everybody in the chain of command from Ownership, Management, Risk Control, Operation’s, Purchasing, etc., should personally try the tools they require the employee to use. How else will they know if the proper tools are offered to the employee to effectively complete the task. Refer to #1

10.The poor floor condition in this country regardless of location; a restaurant, office buildings, retail, hotels, schools, etc., and most disturbing, our own homes or apartments, is self induced. Don’t get me wrong, this is not to point fingers at anybody doing the job because they are just doing what has been taught by everybody who came before them. Again, most dirty floors are self induced, in fact, in my experience and proven in my own home the less you clean the floor, the cleaner it will be.

I am free for consultation on any one of these issues and can be reach at 281-687-1263, 24/7.

Michael B. Martin Developer of The Heavyweight® scrub brush



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