Using The Heavyweight®

Using The Heavyweight

The Heavyweight® is a new concept in floor brushes. Because the brush is weighted, you do not have to put downward pressure on the brush to get great scrubbing action. You hold the brush a little differently. All of a sudden scrubbing the floor is transformed into a quick and easy job!

How to use The Heavyweight® most effectively

Using The Heavyweight

  • Stand with shoulders parallel to the pole and both hands on the pistol grip
  • Do NOT place a hand on the center of the pole, attempting to put extra weight on the brush head. The head weighs 16 pounds and is exerting all the pressure needed on the floor
  • Keep legs spread at shoulder width, one foot in front of the other
  • Push and pull the brush back and forth in a sawing motion. The hinge will allow the head to stay on the floor
  • When your arms are fully extended, pull the brush back to your front foot
  • Scrub the entire floor moving to get to each new area

Scrubbing Under Equipment

Scrubbing under equipment

  • Kneel beside the equipment
  • Move the handle parallel to the floor
  • Keeping one hand on the pistol grip, push and pull the brush under the equipment

Note: Be aware that wires, hoses or pipes under the equipment could get tangled or broken.

 Transporting The Heavyweight®

Transporting the Heavyweight

  • Place the handle in upright rest position
  • Pull the handle towards the wheels until the brush head tips onto the wheels
  • Roll off to your destination

Storing The Heavyweight®


  • Store with pole in upright rest position and bristles flat on the floor
  • Do not store on wheels
  • If bristle become bent, or skipping occurs, simply remove pad, place in hot water for five to ten minutes which should return the bristles back to their original shape.

Note: Do not put on top of anything because the bristles will get bent, affecting the performance of the brush.

Removing The Heavyweight® Pad

Removing the Heavyweight pads

  • Remove the nut on top of the brush head
  • Lift the weight and handle free
  • Place the nut back on the brush head

Cleaning The Heavyweight® Pad

  • Place the pad in the dishwasher with the nut on the bolt
  • Alternately, soak the pad in hot water, with a degreaser if needed, and then rise off with a hose

Other Instruction Opportunities

You can view our instructional videos on our Video Tour page or on YouTube. Every Heavyweight Solution Cleaning Systems comes with an Instructional DVD and laminated training card as well as all of the introduction and warranty information you will need to successfully roll out our system.