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History of The Heavyweight®

Michael Martin

Michael Martin

In 1995, as an employee of the restaurant industry, Michael Martin found it hard to believe that he was supposed to accept the slippery and dangerous floor conditions that exist throughout the industry. Floor cleanliness and safety was—and continues to be—a huge issue for all industries, costing companies millions of dollars in injuries, chemicals, and lost labor time.

Michael left the restaurant industry and set out to solve this problem with the theory of lifting in mind. He started with the standard tools available but soon realized that a better solution was needed.

  1. Standard cleaning tools were ineffective and hard to use.
  2. The cleaning tools and procedures utilized in the restaurant industry were actually creating most cleaning issues. For example, mopping has a leveling effect on textured surfaces creating not only a slippery floor condition but also leaves behind a black residue buildup, proven with dark or black used mop water.  In order to offset the damage done by mopping you must effectively scrub the floor on a regular basis.
  3. After developing The Heavyweight® Solution he proved that if industries would use The Heavyweight® scrub brush and cleaning system along with the mop and bucket system, floors would be cleaner and safer. Safer floors result in a safer environment for employees and customers and reduce costly slip-and-fall claims.

KM_CPI_CS8A4591Over the past 20 years, Michael has dedicated his life to bringing light to the subject that ineffective cleaning tools and procedures, still prevalent in every industry, actually creates conditions that are destructive to your operation, costing industries billions in loses annually.  The facility starts off clean, then over time, faster than you think, you begin to lose control of the floor illustrated with the onslaught of black grout and dirty mop water.  The Heavyweight Solution was specifically designed to stop the damage done by mopping and the many other catastrophic conditions that are produced from it.