Our Letter of Certification

McDonald’s National Operator Insurance Team Endorses The Heavyweight!

Here’s what our Seamless floor customers are saying:

“After installing more than 1,000,000 square feet of seamless resin flooring in over 10 years in the business, I have not found a product that cleans better than the Heavyweight. Customers have come to us at their wits end, claiming that nothing was working to get the stains off their floors. I would show up with a simple degreaser and my trusty Heavyweight brush and literally within minutes be able to remove any stain with very little effort – thanks to the 16lbs weighted end. I always enjoy the look of disbelief on their faces, followed immediately by “where can I get one of those?”

We recommend no other manual brush to our customers to clean our resinous flooring, nor will we, ever.  The Heavyweight is the finest product of it’s kind anywhere, and last brush you will ever need.

Peter D. Bach, Vice President, Bach Bros., Inc.

“The restaurant and food industry has always been a challenging customer when it comes to offering industrial flooring that has enough texture to be safe, but not too little which makes it slippery. This has always been a juggling act for myself because I never truly know how they are cleaning their floors until the inevitable phone call that their floors have become slippery. We all know that it takes a little elbow grease to truly scrub a floor. Your product has eliminated this excuse by offering a product that basically does the work for you with little effort. We supply The Heavyweight Brush to all of our new clients and the callbacks have basically disappeared. We at PermaFloor just wanted to say thank you for making our jobs a little easier! Thank you,

Todd Ritter│Project Manager / Sales, PermaFloor LLC / PermaFloor Keystone 

restaurant floor

What our restaurant customers are saying:

Saves Money
Some stores report a time savings ranging from 20 to 45 minutes due to the effectiveness (of the Heavyweight®).”

I feel that the Heavyweight® is a vital tool that only complements other aspects  of floor safety…

Really Cleans
Significant improvement in the cleanliness and appearance of grout.

The difference in the cleanliness of the floor is visibly noticeable.

Easier To Use
The Heavyweight® is easy to use (with) ergonomic benefits by reduced back strain.

Anyone can deck brush the tile floor regardless of their size.

We have also found that the Heavyweight® is extremely durable.

clean floorsGreg Gunwell, Martin and Marcela Marnett – McDonald’s

“We find that the savings come in our Operating Supply. Also we found that our employees don’t complain about their backs hurting. Also anyone can deck brush the tile floor regardless of their size. Saves time and energy. It also saves on the operating supplies.”

From Keith D. Kolpitcke, Area Supervisor, Darmody Enterprises, Ltd., Boise, ID
“The Heavyweight saves me time and labor in keeping my floors clean. The brush does most of the work, where the employee used to do most of the work when scrubbing floors the old-fashioned way. My floors look cleaner, including the tile grout. I recommend The Heavyweight if you want cleaner, safer floors.”

From White Castle Systems, Inc.
white castle“I wanted to let you know the success we have had with your Heavyweight Deck Brush product. We have been using it in several of our Areas and the overall response has been great.

We have been working diligently for several years on slip and tall accidents, which continue to the 01 type of accident in our industry. We began using your products in some of our Castles in 1998 and have seen solid results. The Castles using the Heavyweight Deck Brush have seen decreases of 85% in General Liability claim and 21% in Workers’ Compensation claims as compared to their records the years prior to using your product.

Our overall accident experience has also been decreasing – the result of hard work on our employees’ part and several other programs we have been working on. However, I feel that the Heavyweight is a vital tool that only compliments other aspects of floor safety, like floor chemicals, frequency of cleaning, tile type, etc. And, as you can see, the numbers speak for themselves.

We have also found that the Heavyweight is extremely durable. While the initial investment appears higher, we have found that the overall cost we were expending for cheaper deck brushes did not increase over time due to the durability of the Heavyweight. The warranties on the handle and brushes are excellent, even though we have not had to use them yet.

It’s a pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing that relationship as we continue to battle slips and falls!”

From Sizzler Steak House:
sizzler“What a product. I cannot sing the “Heavyweight’s” praises enough. As you know we have been testing the Heavyweight brush system in our San Diego restaurants and have seen remarkable results.

In one location where we had some dining room floor tiles replaced a year ago, we discovered that the grout that the repairmen used was black in color. We discovered this because after systematic program of floor cleaning with your brushes we learned that the original grout was in fact brown, but had so much grease and dirt build up that it appeared black to the naked eye.

We have now implemented your system in thirteen of our locations and I will keep you posted on our progress. Keep up the good work.”

What our home owners are saying:

Just a note of thanks for introducing me to your Heavyweight grout & Tile cleaning system. Your equipment arrived on time as promised and I was surprised at how simple it was to put together. However, my real surprise came when I saw the results on my previously dirty and difficult to clean grout and tile. Your equipment measured up to all your claims and was simple and easy to use. Of particular help was the included training DVD and accompanying directions for use. Thanks for a great product; please feel free to use me as a reference.

Tom Callahan, Burkburnett, TX

We live in Minnesota and have a fairly large, multi-level deck made of Ipe (eee-pay,) which is an extremely dense, heavy Brazilian hardwood. Because of it’s density, it requires no preservative and will weather to a nice silver.  Every spring I get out the power washer and scrub brush and spend a couple of days getting the accumulated dirt and mildew off so the kids can enjoy the pool area for summer.  It’s always the same deal, too much pressure on the power washer and I get splinters.  When I back off on the pressure to avoid the splinters, I have to scrub with a stiff handle broom.  Pushing down on the broom handle to get the mildew off is a killer on this middle aged back.
This year I’m scrubbing and I’m saying to myself  “I wish this broom had some weight to it so I didn’t have push down so hard”.  I was motivated!  After finishing up one of the three levels, I went up to the computer and Googled “heavy scrub brush”.  Rats, nothing.  Then “weighted scrub brush”.  Voila!! Heavyweight Solutions!   Looking over the website, I knew this had to be exactly what I was after and decided to take a chance.
Got in touch with Mike at Heavyweight and told him what I had in mind.  He said the stock product might be a little heavy for my application so just to be sure he included an additional, lighter weight so I could try both.
The stock brush (the heavy one) work just fine for me, so well in fact that I left the power washer in the garage and just used my garden hose to rinse.  No cleaning product required, just push back and forth (but NOT down).  The remaining two levels were done in about an hour (remember, this is usually one long day or two half days, not to mention the week to recover).  No sore back.   (And no splinters). I was so enthused, I did my garage floor the same day.  I did have to use a little Simple Green on the garage because of the oil/grease spots but other than that, same deal as the deck…easy. This thing is a great tool.  I no longer dread spring deck cleaning.  Thank you Mike.
Gary Gray
Apple Valley, MN


The Heavyweight® Lasts!
OldBrush1In a conversation with one of our early adopters, we discovered they were still using The Heavyweight® they had purchased five years ago! We immediately offered them a new brush if we could have the old one.

They agreed on one condition, that they send us their old one AFTER we sent the new one. They were scrubbing their floors three times a day (between each meal) and couldn’t live even a day with out The Heavyweight®! We, of course, agreed and sent off the new model.

When we received the old model, we were amazed. We knew we were building a high quality brush … to see how well they lasted was truly amazing! This picture shows the brush. We did not clean it up; it came in the box just as portrayed here.           The AMAZING Heavyweight!