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The Heavyweight® Kit

P/N: 5-200-004-00

-The Heavyweight Scrub Brush

-Baseboard (Corner) Brush

-Adjustable Leg Brush

 Retail Price: $249.95




The Heavyweight® Scrub Brush

P/N: 5-200-001-00

Retail Price: $189.95







The Baseboard (Corner) Brush

P/N: 5-200-002-00

Retail Price: $38.95







The Adjustable Leg Brush

P/N: 5-200-003-00

Retail Price: $39.95








Replacement Weight Assembly with Handle

P/N: 4-200-012-00

Retail Price: $120.00







Replacement Brush Pad

P/N: 4-200-001-00

Retail Price: $69.95