Mop Water

Used Mop Water is a Window into the Floor Condition

      • Dirty mop water doesn’t mean you are cleaning, it means the floor is filthy and needs to be effectively scrubbed. Black, dirty used mop water = a dirty floor.
        Relatively clean mop water = a clean floor and your procedures are working.
        By monitoring used mop water one can effectively manage any floor condition
      • Grout is not black! The more a floor is mopped, the dirtier the tile and grout will become. When mopping a leveling effect occurs creating buildup whether using a string mop or a pad system.
      • To offset the damage done by mopping you MUST effectively scrub the floor on a regular basis. Depending on what type of facility you operate, once a month is a minimum. Of course, the more you scrub the cleaner the floor will be, validated by the clean used mop water.

Most people can agree that standard mopping simply moves dirt and grease across the floor, causing build up in grout lines, cracks, crevasses or even texture put on the tile for the soul purpose of making it safer. To make matters worse, cleaning products also build up over time, leaving behind a dangerous residue. This not only leads to a dirty floor but, what is more important, it reduces traction or slip resistance increasing the chance of a very costly slip and fall accidents. Over the past eighteen years we have learned things that just make sense and below are a few to give you the gist of our theories. Please view our videos and read our blog to see a different approach to floor care.