The Heavyweight Brush

The Heavyweight® Scrub Brush

“The Only Brush With Built-in Elbow Grease”

A tool just too simple to be true.

The Heavyweight® scrub brush is a sixteen pound weighted scrub brush that allows the user to simply push and pull the brush instead of using their back to produce the force needed to effectively scrub the floor. Being named “The only brush with built-in elbow grease” means just that, you no longer have to rely the right person to give the effort needed to actually clean a floor. The weighted head produces its own “elbow grease” allowing anyone to accomplish the task at hand of actually cleaning the floor.

The Heavyweight® Scrub Brush

When scrubbing any floor surface, The Heavyweight® scrub brush has been tested and proven to be the answer. Stop using tools that are not only ineffective, out dated and hard to use and replace them with the tools designed for the task. With three different brushes for every inch of the floor The Heavyweight® Solution is a must have in maintaining a clean, safe environment for your customers and employees.

Featuring the Heavyweight® scrub brush, the first and only manual scrub brush to be certified by the National Floor Safety Institute and endorsed by major insurance brokers demonstrated by rebates given for its purchase and use. Seamless flooring companies have even come on board giving The Heavyweight® to their customers as the tool of choice in effectively maintaining their new flooring surface.

THE HEAVYWEIGHT® is a 16 pound weighted scrub brush

Our 16 pound head uses a 7 X 12 inch bristle pad that does all the work for you. The weight produces the constant force needed to clean deep into the grout loosing up any dirt and grease buildup. Because the weighted head produces the force required, the user now can accomplish the task at hand, without pushing down.

The Weight Assembly
The built-in weight is the corner stone of the Heavyweight®. The weight applies a constant force of 16 pounds on the floor, doing all the hard work for the scrubber.

The Heavyweight® is designed for the average employee (man/woman) who has the task of scrubbing after a long days work.

One of our customers has told us that the brush is so easy to use that they can assign cleaning to anyone in their crew, regardless of their size or strength!

Our weight is encapsulated in a polyurethane mix that ensures protection against any corrosion.

The weight assembly includes the built in hinge and the pole with its ergonometric pistol grip.


grip3The ergonomically designed pistol grip allows the user to stand up straight with both hands on the pistol grip and simply push and pull in a back and forth motion.

Ergonomic Grip
The unique ergonometric grip was developed to assure proper positioning of the hands and body while using The Heavyweight®. While the brush seems to “float” on the floor, the scrubber must still move the brush back and forth. The handle has been designed to spread the pressure of this motion over the entire hand while allowing the scrubber to stand up straight.

Our Ergonomic Pistol Grip is an integral part of The Heavyweight’s® safety features. No more back breaking bending over and pushing down to generate the scrubbing force.

Our hinge allows for cleaning under kitchen equipment or tables utilizing that same 16 pound force.

Hinged Handle

Necessity drove us to our Hinged design. While scrubbing the floor, many times objects or debris must be moved in order to clean. Bending over to pick up your brush gets old pretty fast. So with that in mind our hinge allows the user to stand the pole up straight in an at rest position. Eliminating one of our pet peeves.

Lowering the pole to the floor enables the user to utilize the weighted brush under kitchen equipment, tables or any area with a clearance of 6 inches.

There is the same 16 pounds of pressure on the floor under the cabinet, impossible to achieve with a standard deck brush or even a handheld scrub brush!

The most significant benefit of the hinge design is the range of motion it allows the brush head to travel. The scrubber simply pushes and pulls when using The Heavyweight®. The outward push ends when the arms are fully extended and the inward pull ends when the brush head is at the scrubber’s front foot. The stroke distant averages about 4 feet; twice that of a standard deck brush.

Many of our customers have commented that The Heavyweight® cuts cleaning time in half.

Built-in wheels allow for easy transportation to and from the cleaning area.

transport-wheelsTransport Wheels
The built-in wheels allow for easy transportation to and from the cleaning area. There is no reason The Heavyweight® should ever be carried from point A to B.

The wheels are utilized by pulling the pole past the rest position, the weight assembly rotates onto the wheels. The scrubber then simply rolls The Heavyweight® off.

Each bristle pad is equipped with its own wheels ensuring a proper life span.

Our removable pad allows for easy cleaning and pad replacement. You can also use separate pads; one for the front of the house and one for the kitchen.

removable-padReplaceable Pads
In order for The Heavyweight® to work effectively, our bristle pad and bristles went through years of research and development. Not only is the bristle pad the biggest and most effective brush pad in its arena, it was designed to last the longest and our warranty backs that.

If you can wear out our pad in two years not only will you have one of the cleanest floors in town but we will replace your pad for free!

The expected life of the pad is anywhere from 2 to 3 years. There are some pads that have lasted up to 5 years. It may be ugly but it still works. We generally recommend replacing the pad annually if you are scrubbing daily. Annual replacement maintains the effectiveness of the system.

The removable bristles pad allows for easy cleaning, pad replacement, and separation of pads, one for the front of the house and one for the kitchen.

When cleaning our pad you can either rinse it off with hot water or simply place it in the dish washer.

Separation of pads is perfect for facilities that have tile areas both in the front of the house and the kitchen. In order to eliminate cross contamination between the two areas, these facilities can use a separate pad for each area.

The pad is made with a nylon bristle. It is very important that the bristles stay at the same angles they were put in. If for any reason the bristles become bent or out of uniform, The Heavyweight® may not function properly. Generally, if the bristles are bent out of position the pad can be placed in a tub hot water and the bristles will come back to their original state.

The Heavyweight® is built to stand up to the daily beating involved in its use. With a two year unconditional warranty on the entire The Heavyweight® scrub brush means it will be around for a long time.

If you are going to scrub, give your employees a tool that will allow them to do the job easier, quicker and more completely.

Vacuum Squeegee (Sold Separately)
When we set out to clean restaurants we knew two things:

squeegee-small1. Most food service establishments have the same problem – dirty, slippery floors

2. If we could scrub and lift this dirt and grease from the floor on a monthly basis we could help our customers maintain a clean, safe floor for a reasonable price.

By implementing a very simple cleaning program that involves periodic lifting you will get control of your floor … probably for the first time.

No matter how much damage the mop has done, by lifting frequently you will eventually remove all of the dirt buildup you have acquired. Once the buildup has been removed you will be able to manage your mop and your floor while cutting cleaning costs in half.


What You Get:

The Heavyweight® Scrub Brush – A weighted scrub brush that applies a constant 16-pound force on the floor, saving the user from the elbow grease typically required when cleaning a floor. The hinged handle allows for cleaning under kitchen equipment utilizing that same 16-pound force. A removable pad allows for easy cleaning, pad replacement and use of separate pads (for example, you might use one for the kitchen and one for the front of the house). Built-in wheels allow for easy transportation to and from the cleaning area, eliminating the need for lifting the brush.

Instructional DVD – An instructional DVD in both English and Spanish is provided with The Heavyweight to aid in training the end user. A laminated training card is also included.

Customer Support: we are available 24/7 and can be reached at 877-812-1104 or by email at at: sales@

Warranty: The Heavyweight® comes with an unconditional two-year warranty, setting the standard in its class.
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