Floor Care Training

With insurance sky rocketing from the slip and fall accident it’s time to delve a little deeper into floor care and the principles behind it.  It’s really quite simple, smooth when wet is usually very slippery, textured is not, including at the microscopic level.  Unfortunately, textured surfaces brings a different issue when we want to maintain them and one misstep can actually work against our efforts offsetting the original intent in providing a safe flooring condition.  With the mop being a critical tool in maintaining safe conditions sometimes it is over used without the proper offsets leading to major cleaning issues especially with textured surfaces.  The solution is simple as well.  In order to offset the damage done by mopping you must effectively scrub the floor on a regular basis.  Here is where we need to go a little deeper.  There are basic principles that can be observed when trying to ensure your floor is always clean, the mandatory starting point for providing a safe surface.

Heavyweight GroutFirst, everyone from the owner to the newest hire needs to know what the original color of the grout is. I know this sounds silly but with grout black an epidemic in this country, everyone has been lolled into thinking grout is black and everything is fine.  This entrenched thinking had been at our peril  Dirty floor conditions are one of the leading causes of all slip and fall accidents.  Black grout comes from dirty, used mop water, which comes from black grout, which both come from not implementing an effective scrubbing procedures.  As you can see in the picture below, it takes as little as three week for grout to go from its original color to black.  Most times, original grout color can usually be found at the top of the baseboard and having everyone aware will give you the eyes necessary to spot hazardous conditions occurring with the floor.

Second, and touched on earlier, dirty used mop water doesn’t mean the cleaning procedures are working, it means the floor is filthy and needs to be effectively scrubbed.     With tile or textured surfaces, used mop water is a window into its condition:

Dirty, black mop water = dirty floor Web_Used-Mop-Water-Pict

Relatively clean mop water = cleaning procedures are working

The easiest way to provide a clean, safe floor condition for your customers and employees is to effectively scrub it on a regular basis.  Look at it like yard care, cut it every week and things should look great, let it go and things get ugly.  Safe floors are not only possible they are very easy to accomplish if basic principles are followed.  The mop is a great tool but if mismanaged can cost you dearly, evident by the increasing numbers in slip and falls as well as soaring insurance rates.

If you have questions on floor care and the tools needed to clean please contact us.