Reduce Slip and Falls

Dirty mop water does NOT mean your current cleaning tools, chemicals and procedures are working, it means your floor is filthy and probably unsafe.

Used mop water is a window into what condition your floor is in:

Grey Water Dark Water









★ Mopping simply smears dirt and grease across the floorWeb_Heavyweight white 2

★ The more you mop the dirtier your floor will become

★ To offset the damage done by mopping you must effectively SCRUB the floor on a regular basis

★ Floor maintenance results can be measured by the color of used mop water

★ New safety flooring with textured surfaces compound the problem of mop damage by creating areas of accumulation, dark or black grout, black build up, etc.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how many times you change your dirty mop water, or how many compartments your mop buckets has, the ONLY way to maintain clean mop water is to effectively scrub and lift the residue from the floor on a regular basis!

To Reduce Slip and Falls Please Contact Us to learn more about our common sense approach to floor care. 281-687-1263 Thick gray mop water is common for a dirty kitchen floor. Dark or black water is more common in the dinning room/restrooms. Used mop water is a window into what condition your floor is in: The Heavyweight® Solution Brush Kit

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